There seemed to be a lot of people making reservations down there.
Try a wooden kayak at a bull's-eyePurchase a Sculpture Ticket​That's what I've been waiting for.It's a trip to Jeju.​Actually, it's not my first time going to Jeju Island,It's our honeymoon. But they both travel abroad.I don't have much expectations for my trip to Jeju.I just booked the accommodation.without any scheduling at allIt was a random […]

Try a wooden kayak at a bull's-eye
Purchase a Sculpture Ticket

That's what I've been waiting for.
It's a trip to Jeju.

Actually, it's not my first time going to Jeju Island,
It's our honeymoon.

But they both travel abroad.
I don't have much expectations for my trip to Jeju.
I just booked the accommodation.
without any scheduling at all
It was a random start.

On the first day, the accommodation is Seogwipo.
It gradually went south.
As I went, I remembered the sound of a bull.

Well, when I went with my friends,
I've never kayaked before.
It's hard to row a boat…

I've got someone to row for me this row for.
I thought I had to ride it.
Go to the bull's-kkkkkkkkkkkk!

even though it's Monday
I arrived around 3:20 p.m.
The parking lot is already full.
We're going around banging around.
in the nick of time
Then I go to the ticket office right next to him and ask him.
About an hour by 4:20.
I said we had to stand by.
I'm really bad at waiting.

A-hit! Then I went up again.
There is one more ticket office.

There are two companies in the bull market.
Both of them use a sculpted ship (wood kayaking.
The amount is the same.
twenty thousand won

There's a big lumberjack called Theura.
You don't have to do this.
in a group
Listen to the explanation of the bull.
It's a 여행 sightseeing.

Other companies have a lot of people waiting for them.
Oh, I heard it's four o'clock here.
I made a reservation.
(As a result, she boarded at about 4:30 p.m.)

The place I reserved was…
the ticket office right in front of the Sochokkak parking lot.
People don't know if this place is here.
There seemed to be a lot of people making reservations down there.

After purchase at the ticket office
If you go down the street, you'll be able to use the ticket again.
After submitting and entering your phone number,
You can stand by.
The license contains detailed instructions.
It's written.
I still have a lot of time to spare.
Go to the beach.
I'm going to look around, walk down the trail,
I've been looking at the bull's-eye.
There's still a lot of time left.
I went to a noodle restaurant nearby.
Late lunch? I had an early dinner.
I got a call after a while.
But… I got a call and I came to the waiting area.
Wait for a while.
I waited more than 30 minutes.go
down the street
I've been waiting for another boarding.
Wait again…

There is no time limit for a sculpted boat.
The bottom line is, if you don't get in the boat…
Until they come in, the people in the back…
It means that we have to wait.

I saw it at the beginning.
There's no one.
I guess this house has only three ships.
I did…
When I got out on a boat,
They're all going from where they started to where they couldn't
I've been taking pictures and looking.
It wasn't coming. .

The waiting time was very long,
Finally boarding time!!!

Of course! I look forward and sit down.
The groom's rowing skills.
I decided to look around.
(I'm in charge of the shoot)

The water in the bull's-eye
It's really, really. It's so clear.
The stones on the floor were visible.
The rock walls on both sides looked as if they were going to spill.
cozy with dense trees
I was making a feeling.

Meanwhile, my groom is rowing hard…
I've been stirring so hard…
Faster than any other team.
All the way to the end.
Turn the boat around again.
a quick drop-off.
You must have had a hard time.Inside the bull's-eye
The people on board the Theu.
He was also seen listening to the explanation.
Since you didn't study…
I wanted to hear his explanation.
How hard the groom rowed…
It just flew by.

The people around me who are dating,
He's going slowly.

I've spent an hour like that.
We're in less than 20 minutes.
A quick turn around and come out…

But maybe one day.
I really wanted to ride it, but it's nice to ride it like this.

There used to be transparent kayaks.
overlooking the floor
It was a kayak. To protect cultural assets.
Now that there's only a wooden ship,
It was a bit of a bummer.

As expected, early experience is not enough.
You're always right!!!

If you're going to go to the bar,
I'd like to take Teuna on a sculpted boat.
I'd like to recommend.
I took a walk around and looked around.
A more different view of the bull's-eye.
Because I can see you~

Younghoon's Story of the Earth

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