Bulbasaur pokedex – フシギダネ – 이상해씨 – 妙蛙種子 ( pokemon Go )

Bulbasaur pokedex  – フシギダネ – 이상해씨 – 妙蛙種子 ( pokemon Go )

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Bulbasaur is a grass-poison type pokemon.
Bulbasaur’s personality is known to be very loyal and well-behaved. It’s most notable feature is the bulb on it’s back that was planted there at birth and steadily grows bigger as it matures.
Bulbasaur loves to spend it’s time sunbathing, allowing the bulb to absorb sunlight and store it as energy. This energy would allow Bulbasaur to survive days without eating. But don’t get me wrong, this little buddy loves to eat!
When the bulb has grown to a certain size, it will emit a blue hue, indicating that Bulbasaur is ready to evolve.
Bulbasaur’s Japanese name Fushigidane is a combination of the words “fushigi”- mysterious and “dane”- seed.
Bulbasaur’s evolutions are Ivysaur and Venusaur.

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