And now I’m essentially carrying it with me
Maybe it's because I don't go out often, but I usually crouch down.I don't know if it's because I've got a lot of days.The feeling that the body is tired as a whole.I couldn't shake 건마 it these days.So I've been looking for a wake-up call, but it's temporary.It was a bit of a cost […]

Maybe it's because I don't go out often, but I usually crouch down.

I don't know if it's because I've got a lot of days.

The feeling that the body is tired as a whole.

I couldn't shake 건마 it these days.

So I've been looking for a wake-up call, but it's temporary.

It was a bit of a cost burden.

I've shared these concerns with my friend.

I'm gonna show you a video of a lymphatic massage.

He asked me if I could try this.

So, at first, you put oil on it, and then you use your hands.

Push down on the lymph nodes.

I pressed it for you.

My shoulder hurts when I put strength in my arm.

Is that what's really stimulating you?

I was suspicious.

So I ended up looking for another way.

The stick stood out.

It was a massage device. It was more than a foam roller.

I thought it would be much more comfortable.

Foam rollers need to be stimulated by weighing themselves.

I've been thinking about how it hurts so much when I see the reviews.

I could easily find the texts.

But the lymphocytic massage, based on the reviews,

You can control the power, and you put a lot of effort into it.

He said he could spend time without it.

I'm lucky to have a chance to experience it.

I've been using it so far, and I'm satisfied with it.

There's no end, so I'm going to leave a review.

Thanks to the wireless massage paraphernalia,

I use my body parts here and there.

This release of the lymph nodes reduces swelling.

Not only that, but it also improves your skin.

I'm working hard on it.

And it's made of human-friendly silicon.

It's the skin-stimulating part of your skin.

I don't think it'll hurt your health.

I've been able to reduce my anxiety.

The other good thing is that it stimulates lymph nodes severely.

I didn't have to do it.

When I looked up the circulatory massage, I found that the trouble

There was someone who was worried about it.

I was wondering what it was like, and I looked at your answer.

The lymph nodes are very weak, so they're very vulnerable to high pressure.

It can cause skin trouble.

I heard there is.

So I've been working on the pressure ever since.

What I'm using right now is a gentle rotational vibration.

I'm worried about the century because it's possible.

I was able to reduce it.

So now it's not just the typical lymph nodes,

I used it in places where my muscles feel tight.

He's been exercising a lot or walking a little too long.

I don't feel comfortable on the shin side, but I'm gonna use

You just hold it and leave it up, and it'll relax your muscles.

It was nice to feel it.

I've tried rolling a massage ball, and I've tried to squeeze it.

But I think Limpastic is the best way to stay cool.

We're trying to use it for lymphatic circulatory massage.

Now that I'm on the device, it's been a long time since I've seen

I've been looking for good things.

Ladies and men, everything about groin.

If you let them loose, they'll be stained.

I read a message that said it was helpful.

So I lie down and stimulate this area.

I give it to you, but I'm going to lower the vibration intensity.

It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt at all the time.

It's helping.

The story is that when the lymph is released, the swelling goes away.

I remembered what I heard, and the time in my lower abdomen...

I'm letting it go as I want.

It has a lot of internal fat, so it's effective.

I started it because I wanted to be there, but maybe it was just my feeling.

I don't know, but it's just a little slimy.

It makes me feel good.

If you increase the intensity when you feel a little less stimulating,

I'm satisfied with the stimulation.

Hold the stick on both sides and roll it gently.

I can do it anytime, anywhere.

There's an advantage.

It's easy to carry around. Before and after exercise.

I'm trying it out

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