I felt much more comfortable because I was able to provide better food to our customers through marketing.
With the introduction of smartphones,New Changes in the Information AgeThe waves are moving fast.Smartphone due to recent corona phenomenonor telecommuting on a PC.The number of companies is increasing, and the phenomenon of marketing is also growing.The consumer using the smartphoneIt's widely reinterpreted.​The smartphone market has consequently become a reality.It's about convenience and rapid information to […]

With the introduction of smartphones,

New Changes in the Information Age

The waves are moving fast.

Smartphone due to recent corona phenomenon

or telecommuting on a PC.

The number of companies is increasing, and the phenomenon of marketing is also growing.

The consumer using the smartphone

It's widely reinterpreted.

The smartphone market has consequently become a reality.

It's about convenience and rapid information to the public.

He helped me build it.

In the restaurant industry like me,

Even for self-employed people who work,

That influence has spread.

I found out.

One change is the new outcome and process.

I feel like I'm making it.

In the past, I used to think that you liked gopchang.

Thinking about the consumers,

I spent a lot of time on food development.

So the atmosphere and interior of the business

It's near college, so it's comfortable and rugged.

I put a lot of emphasis on designing it.

But recently, I've been working on the corona 구글 상위노출 fandemics.

And as we got to know each other, the studio industry,

Likewise, the students didn't look for it.

They say there's a lot of damage.

Especially around the university district, not only gopchang,

There are many different kinds of pigs' feet, noodles, etc.

There are a lot of menus, so what should I do?

I don't know if my business will survive.

I've been thinking a lot.

My perspective on the world is somehow...

It's not that small, so I'll use my smartphone.

I think we can promote our business.

And that's what I came to me.

I think we're going to use our smartphones.

I'm carrying it for more than eight hours a day.

in the making of it

And that's how viral marketing works.

One medium that connects the consumer to the businesses.

I'm convinced it's going to work.

But the problem is, what do we do?

You can promote it.

Through the consumer and smartphone world,

I don't know if I'm going to connect.

He didn't know how to do it at all.

I work in the restaurant industry.

as a person who has studied

About marketing strategies.

I didn't know anything.

How do you do it through food?

I wonder if I can stimulate the taste buds of consumers.

I'm going to season it in some proportion.

I don't know if I should mix it with food.

One of the people who's always focused on menu development.

It was one.

But blog marketing, in the same industry,

I got to know him from a senior at work,

About the top exposure on blogs.

I found out.

We're actually using smartphones.

They search for information.

The word that most people are looking for, the search term.

It's called a reporting keyword.

You know one marketing piece of information.

I found a business right away.

I'm actually a blogger.

If you look at the business, you'll see the good results.

I knew I could make it.

But everywhere I go, I'm just saying,

If we go ahead,

It doesn't have much effect.

Whatever it is, in one medium,

To be an expert,

At least five years.

They say we have to invest.

I was introduced to you by an acquaintance.

Advertising agencies are also meticulous in their processes.

We were quick on the way.

The cost is on the good side.

To make the desired outcome

I thought it was the perfect company.

We've got a lot of information.

You're living your life.

When you search for one keyword,

It's on top of the posting.

There's no choice but to pay more attention.

I think it's a psychological influence.

Especially if you go to page two or three.

Furthermore, fewer clicks are needed.

No, there isn't.

I'm gonna have to make a manuscript and take a picture.

So the bloopers are exposed to the upper levels of exposure.

It wasn't something I could do.

He knows exactly what Naver marketing, logic is.

Get systematic counseling through the business.

I realized that it was efficient to proceed!

I'm not a blogger. I'm a blogger.

The quality of the manuscript will be the most important.

I was thinking.

But there's a restaurant that's similar to me.

Looking at the posts,

If the quality of the picture deteriorates,

That's how much I like him.

It's important to take good pictures,

How to properly proportion and angle

skilled in coordinating and photographing

I thought I needed professional skills.

The company I'm asking for a commission from,

with seven years of experience,

Therefore, the photograph is based on the angle.

I'll take a bunch of pictures and make sure they're clear.

You've produced the results.

Once it's a picture,

Because we're in the restaurant business.

It should look delicious.

And clarity will be basic.

It clearly emphasizes the individuality and characteristics of the restaurant.

The best-pictured result

I'm afraid not.

The authors of the manuscript also have experts in it's

He's resident. Every time I make a request,

You've made a new one.

I'm the one who's picky about what I've been emphasizing.

And every time, I'm going to do it properly.

in order

Satisfaction doubled!

In fact, the top exposure to blogs is about young people.

Marketing in favor of teenage students.

I don't know if you think so.

But times are getting faster and faster.

It's changing, and I'm working on my smartphone.

to see or to use in everyday life.

There's a growing number of people.

I'm a man of all ages.

Blog marketing is very effective.

I think we can collect it!

Anyone can do blog marketing.

I think, after trying it myself,

I need the help of an expert help.

I found out.

I'll take a quick look at the marketing data.

I heard you were writing a manuscript and taking pictures.

It's not getting any top exposure on my blog.

Clearly, experience, strategy, expert touch.

The technology that anyone can learn without hesitation.

I didn't think so.

Even when you're in counseling,

You've always been kind to me, and more than I expected.

He interprets the data meticulously.

You've created a post for me.

As a result, the ranking in the top ranking

Call me as soon as you get there.

You've been so happy for me, like it was a family affair.

It's memorable.

Obviously, after that, my income has increased a lot.

Even if it's the situation of corona,

The consumers who are looking for me

It's been maintained consistently!

You know, you're gonna have to do PR marketing.

He's been working on it at Gru Marketing.

We're going to have better food for our guests.

I can provide it for you.

I feel much more comfortable.

The manuscript is also informative, postscript, introductory, etc.

It's a structure where you can ask for a variety of requests.

I'm a member of the Groo Marketing Department.

We've been together for quite a long time now!

More information and content.

If there's anyone who wants to hear,

I'll leave you an advertising agency contact number.

Please feel free to contact us!

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