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Top exposure to Naver shopping is the basis for generating a lot of sales.If I register my products in a smart store or a private shopping mall and consumers see my products through Naver shopping's top exposure, it will be able to sell a lot.​In this article, I would like to analyze and study the […]

Top exposure to Naver shopping is the basis for generating a lot of sales.

If I register my products in a smart store or a private shopping mall and consumers see my products through Naver shopping's top exposure, it will be able to sell a lot.

In this article, I would like to analyze and study the factors that allow high-level exposure on Naver shopping tab.

Actually, I'm trying to check the basics of Naver shopping's top exposure.

If Naver Shopping sets the conditions for posting more than two images and allows the top exposure, it's a bit foolish to wait for the top exposure after registering only one image on my smart store. So, we need to study this high-level exposure guide to establish the basics for Naver shopping.

The top exposure of Naver Shopping, which I introduce, is explained with the product search SEO guide, which Naver Shopping officially refers to. Please refer to the fact that it is not my brain and refer to it when registering a smart store product.

Top exposure item of Naver Shopping, first 구글상위노출 'Fitability'

First, the goodness-of-fit reflects the degree of suitability by calculating which field of product information you enter is highly related to, such as product name, category, manufacturer/brand, attribute/tag, etc., and which category is highly preferred in relation to the search term.

If I sell a mouse and it's not suitable for women's clothing, the score of the top exposure drops. This is a very extreme example, and when you enter a product name, you have to set up the conformity part by considering the related words in the category.

When registering a product at the Smart Store Seller Center, you must also set the appropriate category for the product.

Tag and settings are important. When setting the tags below, you must also match the appropriate tags with the product.

Tag input is automatically linked when you set direct input and categories, which are also shown as choices below.

Field association and category preference should be a major concern for fit.

The field association is to enter or select an item that corresponds to the overall attributes of the product I have.

If I sell Adidas shoes, it is more related to field to enter Adidas into the brand than entering Adidas in the product name.

Category preference reflects the tendency of the category to which the product belongs. If I sell a blouse, it will have a higher preference for the category registered in the blouse than for other categories.

Naver Shopping's Top Exposure Item Second Popularity

Among the top exposure items of Naver shopping, the second item is popularity. Popularity is that the product I uploaded takes into account people's clicks, sales, purchasing ratings, etc. Naver shopping is one of the big business groups that Naver does.

Naver has gathered people through search engines anyway and runs the company through their service fees. Think about it. Do we pay by using the services we use on Naver such as mail, cafes, and blogs? No. We use these free services to gather at Naver, and Naver plans to launch and earn profits by providing other services to people like us.

One of them is Naver shopping. So Naver Shopping will be profitable if the seller sells a lot of products and pays a lot of sales fees. Therefore, people are exposed to products that are sold a lot by reflecting this popularity.

As shown in the image below, the top four products, excluding advertising, are popular products and are waiting for a commission fee.

This popularity is determined by considering factors such as click count, sales performance, purchase rating, jjimsoo, and up-to-date. In fact, only Naver knows how much to mix the elements of these items and how to calculate the score and automatically make the top exposure.

Sellers like us just have to make smart store configurations work to satisfy these items.

If you look under the product, you can check people's reviews and the number of steaming items. Also, the latest products are relatively inducing temporary exposure, so if you set a product registration day, considering when your product is selling well, it will help you sell it.

Top exposure item of Naver Shopping's third item, 'Reliability'

The last item is reliability.

Please refer to the Naver shopping penalty and product name SEO score guide for this reliability item.

When you run a smart store, you will be subject to penalties for review of purchases, evaluation of sales performance, and product information consulting.Care must be taken not to be affected by the reliability items through the assistance.

And the product name SEO score means that you shouldn't randomly put in keywords to create a product name.

This is too long and too much, so I'll explain it again in the next article.

If you want to show your product to many people through Naver Shopping's top exposure and sell it a lot, you have to consider these three basic items.

These three items are multiplied by items, not because they are good at either, but because they require all three items to be linked to the top.

To make it easy for Naver to make a product exposure logic that can generate a lot of sales in order to get a lot of commissions, and we have to consider this logic and focus our efforts on product registration.

Product registration logic is simply a product suitable for users' search intentions, a product that many people find and buy, and whether product information is reliable.

We need to follow the basics to go further, so we need to prepare smart store products with these basic guides. In the next article, I'll explain the product name guidelines!

Let's all make a hit on the smart store and blog!!Let's be successful together and live well together.

I hope you get a lot of information and good luck everyone.

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