I’m using it like a private sauna.
It's basically a 55-degree 30-minute timer.You can use it as soon as you're done preheating.If there's anything else you want,You can manually manipulate it and set it up,It's good that the body goes up to the set temperature.You can set it up to 60 degrees.It will be very comfortable to enjoy the warmth.And it's designed […]

It's basically a 55-degree 30-minute timer.

You can use it as soon as you're done preheating.

If there's anything else you want,

You can manually manipulate it and set it up,

It's good that the body goes up to the set temperature.

You can set it up to 60 degrees.

It will be very comfortable to enjoy the warmth.

And it's designed inside the foot-jumping machine.

The hot air in 365 air holes

They come out and help with faster heat transfer.

So even if you use it for 30 minutes,

I'm sure you're feeling the heat of a lower-body bath.

Even if you don't have time, you'll be satisfied.

Here's a tip:

There's a bump on the inner deck.

You put a little weight on your feet, and you press the bottom of your feet.

You can feel a healthy, acupressure sensation.

Every foot bath, every time you take a foot bath, I lean forward.

I'm using it more efficiently.

And since it's a product that emits far-infrared radiation,

It activates tissue cells in the skin.

Thanks to the increased metabolism, the cold water and coldness,

It was so good because it had a good influence.

Hello! It's only Tuesday, but I feel like the weekend is already here! Christmas is on Friday this year, so it's perfect for a break. But this year, I have to spend a quiet end of the year because of the corona. On the other hand, it is bitter... Did you make your Christmas plans? I've decided to take a quiet healing time alone. I went to 일산 스웨디시 Mapo 24 o'clock massage shop that I've heard of before!

If you click a button when you're left,

It was more convenient because it was available.

But the most satisfying part was...

It's the UV sterilization function.

First in the industry to utilize LG Innotek technology

It's the sterilization of harmful bacteria.

It can be used more cleanly.

As I said before, I'm not a big fan of sanitation.

He had a very difficult standard.

The fact that there's a built-in sterilization like this

It's easy to manage, and most importantly, my body.

I can use it neatly where it touches me.

I liked it the most among the functions.
So after using the foot bath,

You don't try to clean every day.

It keeps the UV function on.
Maybe it's been a while since I warmed up, but when I worked at the company the next day, I felt much more comfortable and comfortable sitting for a longer time. I think it was because you took good care of yourself. The price was low and the service was good, and most of all, the manager was so pretty and kind that it left a lingering impression. I'm going to visit Asan 24 o'clock massage shop next time.

I'm satisfied with this.

If you feel this isn't enough,

Don't use water. Use a dry duster.

If you steal it lightly, it will be clean.

I've been using foot baths every night.

When I feel like I'm getting rid of my fatigue,

I thought I bought it really well.

We're going to spend less on these features.

It's a merit to be able to use it,

Electromagnetic certification and Radon test report,

It's a product that's been certified for safety of electrical appliances.

It's not bad for the body. It's good.

With a 60 minute timer function,

We have double-fitted safety systems.

It was okay because I felt more stable.

And you can use it while you're lying down.

I'll cover up the blanket I got as a free gift.

I'm using it like a private sauna.

And then he definitely loosened his tight muscles.

I feel like I'm going to lose my condition these days.

For a year after purchasing it, it will be available at a domestic after-sales service center.

It's perfect to be able to repair.

I don't know where this big foot bath is.

It's a quality that the majority would be satisfied with.

I hope you get one and have a warm winter.

Today, with a variety of events,

We're having a discount event together.

If you're interested in the product, please follow the instructions below.

See the link you wrote down.

If you look at the details,

Sounds good~

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