It’s a shop that puts the soul of the owner of car.
HelloI'm Yang Seung-ho.Get me an imported Mercedes-Benz GV. With all your heart and soul,As I was decorating, I started to customize the interior, which is the ultimate. ^^The story begins now.​I've put you on top of both the lease and the rental.It's a place where you can get an estimate. two streetsThere aren't many places […]


I'm Yang Seung-ho.

Get me an imported Mercedes-Benz GV. With all your heart and soul,

As I was decorating, I started to customize the interior, which is the ultimate. ^^

The story begins now.

I've put you on top of both the lease and the rental.

It's a place where you can get an estimate. two streets

There aren't many places that handle all of them.

Comparing prices of almost all domestic companies

I'm sorry to hear that. Take advantage of it.

I'll wrap up the poem.

I didn't take the photo because I thought it wouldn't be necessary.

I'll just show you the after photos!

First of all, Mercedes-Benz imported cars, G-V-V-V-V


It's a 2015 black room vehicle.

As a luxury car, the interior headliner starts with the 88카 A-pillar.

It's in Alcantara all the way.

So it's very luxurious.

So I decided not to touch the headliner.

Old seat and dashboard door trim armrest

The head restraint, and changing patterns and add leather, too.

There's a pure ventilation sheet, so I'm going to do a lot of other things.

I've decided to try.

And I decided to decorate it with my favorite BRABUS.

But before we start tuning the interior of the car,

When I try to do it, it's very frustrating.

In order to avoid making responsibilities, the company has to do all the work.

I only ask the owner.

To make sure there's no future responsibilities.

But what do we know? I'd like to me.

Please do that. Can you do it?

So I've been looking for that picture a lot.

You can't do this. You can't do that.

This is hard. That's impossible.

So it doesn't mean much to me even if I pick a picture.

First of all, it's like the ninth generation of Rolls-Royce Phantom.

We decided to go with a perfect white and purple combination.

It's hard to manage white. There's so much to say.

Who didn't know that? Hahaha

all around

When it was hard to manage white,

I wanted to feel like I was pretending.

It costs millions of won, from black to black.

Some people are really leather-shifting.

I like to stand out.

My job is influencer.

You have to stand out.

It stands out in red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

There are too many red orange rooms in Yangsan.

So even if it's hard to manage,

It's white!

Let's do white!

What you're seeing here is almost 99.9 percent of the company.

This is the work result that you worked on your own.

I only present color and direction.

The company took care of it.

I really liked this.

I love it when you take care of me because you don't know anything.

And the leather.

Dang! Yeon! Hee!

with the death of a bugger

This is the best Napa Porridge among Napa Porridge.

And when you see it, it's really slippery.

How good it feels.

It's better to feel it with bare skin. Really

It's the best.

Maybach indoor. More than that leather feel.

It's much better.

Only for my car.

They said you bought leather fabric separately.

So, before working on the leather myself and touch.

But it was really white color was originally is leather.

It's not good at all right?

All colors have good leather quality.

Because it's white, you can see the pollution such as wounds and other things like that.

So even if you buy this much, you can't use this much.

And there was a lot of tinting inside.

With the interior white, the tinting is now on.

It felt light.

I like the feeling that tinting changes depending on the room.
There are three headrests in row two.

Brabus embroidery is added to all three.

Wow, how are you gonna manage it?

There was no ventilation seat in the back seat, so it proceeded without any pores.

Full white leather!!!
All four door trims are front back .

BRABUS embroidery on the armrest.

B mark of BRABUS is added downwards.

The quality of embroidery is really significant.

quality beyond purity

It gives me goose bumps.

So even when I closed the second row door,

Even though the second row seats are very high,

Just where you can see the Brabus embroidery and logo!

The company has the best sense. Really!

That's something I didn't ask for.

That's so witty.

Oh, and that jade seat belt you see over there.

This is what this company did!

full colourful seat belt

There are so many red, yellow, and blue.

in a unique color

If you open the sunroof from the windshield,

This is what it looks like this.

I love it.

The seats on the ground are too angular and lumpy.

I got one.

It looks like he just changed the leather without touching the graffiti.

Brabus embroidery with Purple Noodles under the headrest.

What you put in

It's not my idea.

This is the first word I don't have sense.

The company is also taking pictures of how well it turned out.

The next car is called Lamborghini Interior Custom.^^

**There are too many company information inquiries

I'll let you know.

I'm from Ilsan Lesoni Company.

It's not a carnival Starex limousine thing.

This is a shop that puts the soul of the owner of Handae University.

There's no point in asking for money.

It depends on how you do it.

It's not like a carnival limousine job.

They're all different from one to ten.

The amount varies from vehicle to vehicle.

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