Morning used 88카 car. That’s why it’s so honest
I had no choice but to go out today. commuting to and from workI want you to ride the Kia Morning used car.I was looking for him. ᅲ To be honest with you, substituteThere's hardly anyone you can do, right?Maybe a spark? But you're the one who'It didn't suit my taste, so I thought it […]

I had no choice but to go out today. commuting to and from work

I want you to ride the Kia Morning used car.

I was looking for him. ᅲ To be honest with you, substitute

There's hardly anyone you can do, right?

Maybe a spark? But you're the one who'

It didn't suit my taste, so I thought it was Kia.Hah!

It was a white body, but it was lime-colored.

There's a point at the bottom! And

The same coloring on the inside of the radiator grille.

It's casual and pretty inside.

It's like looking at a pair of sneakers.

Should I? It's classified as a light hatchback.

They say so~~ They're like Kookmin cars.

I'm worried about the image that seems a little easy.

But, you know, it's a real, well-dressed, well-

It's so hard to just refuse him.

I said the grade trim is also Prestige!!

Luxury and other sub-trims are difficult.

I could've met him.~~~ But I...

I like to have many 88카 options.

First of all, if you want to install it separately, it's annoying.

There's one, too. We're replacing the consumables.

Well, that's a possibility, but there's no such thing as a butterfly.

It's too much trouble without it. nowhere to know

I wanted to explore the streets, so I wanted to visit the narrow streets.

I watched it in a good morning!

I'm telling you, I've never had an accident.

I didn't think about it. I went to the store myself.

The staff gave me details.

It was great, but the quality is overwhelming. ^^

And it's not as handsome as it used to be.

Feels like you've been quite concerned? Start the engine.

The lights on the headlights and the rear lamps.

We watched it together~~ The light coming in thinly through the LED.

It was so pretty. It was so common.

It's not round, it's deep in my heart!

The tire wheels are pretty, and the exterior is satisfactory.

We had a morning high school. next to

I've opened the door, too. Since it's Kyung-hyung,

I thought there would be only one row of doors.

Not really. He opened the back door himself.

I can get in and out. Haha, so...

It's small, but it's for picking up children.

Does it work as a second car? for my part

I'm a rookie in society, so I'm working hard to pick.

I've been doing it. I'm picking up the kids behind me.

I'm sure there's no work, but it also has its advantages.

The trip screen was standing still!

It's not that big~~~ This is a reference.

You'll have to do it. Haha, but the screen is still...

It's hard to sit in the driver's seat and face to face.

I was in the middle of course. Problem

It didn't work. The navigation I was looking forward to.

I was able to use this well. ^^

Red. Left to radio, media.

So we have buttons to set up the map and navigation.

It's already done, so I'm careful with the keys!

They say the model year is 2018 and long drive

It's not working. It's updated.

It was meant to be true. in the latest form

I was able to meet Nebbi, and besides that,

I don't want to be loose when I'm driving.

I can even play the radio comfortably. Haha

I'm going to play the latest song and drive.

I wish I could do it' acoustic diagram support position

It wasn't too far. It was pretty

It's a good environment to listen to the radio.

Honestly, I wasn't going to look forward to it.

But why is it so convenient for the handle?

There's a bunch of buttons on it for us to handle.

I can't help but clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

I'll connect you in advance, and you'll get the phone call.

Just push the button, get it, and hang up.

It wasn't difficult.~~ Other features than this

They were all there, and I'm totally in!

And even as a steering wheel that turns around,

There was no defect at all. The grip is the best.

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