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Now that I've moved in, I've been thinking about a lot of things.There's no shoulder, no leg, no muscle aches.I was so desperate for a massage.It's a strange neighborhood after we moved in.The massage parlor I used to use has moved away.One of the Baekseok-dong Massage Shops is a regular shop.I was trying to figure […]

Now that I've moved in, I've been thinking about a lot of things.

There's no shoulder, no leg, no muscle aches.

I was so desperate for a massage.

It's a strange neighborhood after we moved in.

The massage parlor I used to use has moved away.

One of the Baekseok-dong Massage Shops is a regular shop.

I was trying to figure it out.

My favorite suede is the one that specializes in suede.

I went to Ilsan Swedish Shop.

You can park on the first floor.

They say you can park in the cafe space in front of the first floor.

After arriving at the shop, I can see our apartment at the end of the road!

It's very close, isn't it?

If you press the call bell underground on the first floor,

The door opens.

Down to the first basement,

adeltherapy 스웨디시 bodywork

There is a cozy and warm space.

Adelateraphybodywork is...

Baekseok-dong Massage Adelmann

Develop and train a signature massage.

Professional walkers will give you a massage.

The wrong known swedishimasa and lymphatic circulation,

Baekseok-dong Massage Shop to Correct Misconceptions and Prejudice about Hawaiian Massage

I've been looking forward to it because I can really feel the touch of experts:)

It's like a caffeine massage shop.

Warm and cozy. Over this atmosphere.

I keep seeing things to eat.LOL

Yoyo's coming back.crying

It's a cold day.

My nose is runny and my mask is soaking wet.

We're here. LOL.

Would you like some warm tea?doing

They let me choose the menu.

ready to the menu

This kind of service is very good.

I told you about the warm Earl Grey.

for giving it to me right away.

Drinking a cup of tea and looking around hard look around.

The bookshelves on the wall were so nice.

These days, I'm interested in interior design after moving in.

Where did you buy it?

I just wanted to ask you a question.^^

The hall's wide.

There were management rooms on both sides.

in a warm and hotel atmosphere

I'm looking forward to it even before I get the massage.Hahaha

Baekseok-dong Massage Site

Adeltherapy Bodywork Pricing

The program I chose is...

90 Minutes Swedish & Hawaiian Care - 110,000 won

Deep tissue and lymphatic circulation management light

There's a lot of management programs.

I'd like to get everything.Hahaha

Deep tissue is said to have a strong pressure.

I'll have a regular suede.

I've decided to get it relaxed under soft pressure.

New Member Discounts & Postpone Discount Events

If you're new to this business,

I also take care of these discount events.Haha

To get Swedish care

I was guided to the management room.

You showed me to a single room.

It's a space for four people to lie down.Haha

The room is warm and like a hotel room.

It's so beautifully decorated.♥

Another nice bookcase in the room!

You know, if you look at the interior design.

There's a lot of people in the interior

I think you put in a lot of effort.

So I can drink it after I take a shower.

They even moved the teacup.

I was told to take a shower first.

If you're not familiar with Swedish Massage,

A lot of people think it's a decadent image.

This is a 100% healthy shop.

with the luxurious and elegant techniques that European aristocrats used to enjoy.

Use aroma oil to manage and stimulate only the peritoneum surrounding the muscles.

It is a massage that is characterized by soft pressure that is not strong.

We're running on a 100% booked.

We'll have to be on time, right?Haha

If you use Naver reservation,

10,000 won discount (when managing advance)

It would be nice if you could take care of it carefully.

There's a big closet in the room.

I had my thick padded jacket on the day of the cold spell.

not worth a load of baggage

I liked the comfortable closet, too.Hahaha

Just like you showed me after the shower.

I took off my clothes and changed into a gown.

I'll ring the bell and let you know we're ready.

The professional manager comes in and manages it.

The shower's in the room.

From the shower to the Swedishimasaji before management

It's private management.

After taking a shower as much as an oil manager

They say they're starting to take care of themselves.

The shower towels you need for your shower.

We also have disposable underwear.

There's a hairdryer who can help you clean up after taking a shower.

The lotion, comb, cotton swab, etc. are perfectly set.

Comfortable Swedish with soft pressure

I was able to take care of myself.

Because of moving and parenting,

Stiff and tense, stressful.

I was able to relax my body gently.

It was healing time.

I'm massaging a Swedish massage.

It's one of my favorites.

I've just moved into the neighborhood, and I love it.

Where you can get the best care.

I figured it out, so I think I'll use it more often.

This is the Ilsan Swedish restaurant.

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